I haven’t met yet any housewife that doesn’t pray to have some no fail recipes that come handy. Some times there is so little time to prepare dinner for friends and family and those three easy to make recipes is all you’ll ever need.

I’m the proud mother of two teenage boys (16,5 & 15 years old). Sometimes, a fully packed fridge just isn’t enough not even for breakfast!

My husband❣️ is such an easy going person when it comes to food! BUT, he also has to eat…Everyday!😨!!!!That means I have to cook every day!!!

There are some “unwritten” rules in our home. After so many years of living together we know our likes and dislikes!

For example, the day we’re having, let’s say, lentils for lunch, there’s this “silent mutual consent” that we’ll have SOMETHING ELSE for dinner!

I’ m not the kind of mom that cooks twice a day! SO, this “something else’, should be easy, quick and tasty above all!

I love strong and a bit spicy tastes. But being in my 40’s, I must be cautious and gentle to my digestive system. You see, stepping into our “middle life era” means, among other things, that every part of us (mental & physical) changes day by day, little by little. So, I pay attention not only to what I eat but also to how much I eat.

So, today I’ll share with you 3 tasteful but not “heavy”, no fail and easy to make recipes.

You can literally cook them to satisfy and feed your family and friends even when you’re in short of time.

3 Never Fail Recipes on the way…!

  • Chicken bites with soya sauce and dry herbs
  • Pasta with white cheese sauce and nutmeg
  • Pizza with homemade pizza dough with self -rising flour

Chicken bites with soya sauce and dry herbs


  • 2 chicken breasts cut in pieces (whichever size you like)
  • Soya Sauce (with less salt)
  • Dry herbs of your choice. I use dry basil or tarragon and ground ginger
  • Zest and juice of 1 lime

The first two recipes are developed by me. So, you can treat them “liberally” as I do, and gradually make them your own. How much basil or soya sauce you will need is totally up to you. In this recipe, I give you my dosages that have a tasty and successful result for me and my family.

So, here we go!

Put some oil in the frying pan, add the chicken and let it get some color.

If the chicken quantity is too much for your pan, split it in two (or more). You don’t want the chicken to boil instead of getting that great brown color!

When the chicken gets its golden color, add the soya sauce. I like the soya sauce taste very much and I prefer to use more of it and less salt, especially in this recipe. For two chicken breasts I use at least 3 shots of soya sauce. While tit cooks, its taste gets lighter.

3 time saving recipes

If this sauce isn’t your thing, you can switch to white wine. This will give your chicken the necessary amount of fluids to continue cooking.

Now it’s time for salt, pepper, dry ginger and lots of dry basil. Tarragon is a herb I really like using in many chicken recipes. You can try it. It’s very aromatic.

Let your chicken cook well. Chicken isn’t the meat we can leave medium or rare. It’s dangerous for our health. So, always well cooked please, be careful!

1 -2 minutes before it’s done, add the juice and zest of a lime (or two). If you feel that’s there’s not enough fluids for your chicken to cook, add very small amount of warm water.

Chicken is a very easy meat to deal with, so play with it! Try some twists…

Pasta with white cheese sauce and nutmeg

How many cheeses? As many as you like!

In this recipe, I use three. But remember! We are not preparing this food to be included in a Michelin restaurant menu. We are cooking for us and we want to feel free and at the end eat a tasteful dish.


  • Penne (500 g) or any other type of pasta that come handy
  • Blue Cheese (50-70 g)
  • Cream Cheese (200 g)
  • Graded hard yellow cheese
  • 1 Garlic Glove
  • Nutmeg
  • Heavy cream (330 g)
  • Some milk (for any correction needed)

In a large pan, I pour in the heavy cream with the garlic glove. I let the garlic bring out all its aroma and then I take it out.

Add the blue cheese in the heavy cream in small pieces and stir until it melts. That’s what gives the strong taste to this sauce.

Then add the cream cheese and simmer. Add also the graded yellow cheese and stir everything together.

The last ingredient is nutmeg. Add lots of it! The combination of cheeses and nutmeg is amazing!

SOS: This sauce is preferably served warm because the cheeses become a thick mass when cold.

The best way to serve the dish is to mix the pasta with the sauce. But if you lived with my kids you’d know that that’s impossible. Each of my boys has different taste and needs. They want to add their own quantity of sauce, so I serve pasta and sauce in separate bowls.

3 never fail recipes

Pizza with home made dough with self rising flour: VERY EASY!

“Saint” Jamie Oliver …Thank you!!!

Since I’ve discovered this recipe, night homemade pizza is a standard offering at least a couple of times each month.

That’s why, I always keep in the fridge all the ingredients I need for this pizza + flour.


  • Fresh mozzarella
  • Graded mozzarella
  • Ready pizza sauce Kyknos
  • Green peppers
  • Basil and of course
  • Chicken slices
  • Self rising flour
e never fail recipes

I will not describe the “how” of the dough here. The video is perfectly clear.

I just want to intrigue you with this.

The dough is made with self rising flour and is ready literally within 5 minutes…and very, very tasty!

First watch the video and note my tips below:

  • I double the ingredients and I get 3 small to medium size pizzas. 4 large slices each.
  • If you don’t have that kind of blender you see in the video, use your mixer. No mixer? No problemo. Hands do just fine!
  • The dough gets baked at first in the pan and needs less than 10 min in the oven. So it’s a very quick recipe, guarantee!
  • The chicken slices “fit” perfect with the rest of the ingredients. It makes the recipe quite light.
  • Don’t “overload” the dough with pizza sauce. 2-3 large spoons for each of the 3 pizzas is enough!

The best part of this recipe, is how time friendly it is! I begin the dough let’s say at 20:00 and we eat at 20:45.

Follow the exact steps! It’s VERY easy, I promise!

So, friends, those were my 3 “never fail” recipes, that come out of real life needs!

Try them and send me your comments and tips.

Above all, share with us your own quick and tasty recipes. Consider it as your GIFT…to HUMANITY!!!

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3 never fail recipes

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