Hey there!

Welcome home!

I had this feeling that you’d stop by this page so I got ready! I’ve prepared a couple of lines for you…about me!

What’s “to Noa’s better”

In two words, it’s a lifestyle blog with a special love in travelling and city lights.

But don’t just stop here! Keep reading to find out what’s this lifestyle of mine is triggered from.

This blog came to life back in October 2017. I needed this personal space to communicate with the world out there and share every single idea that can turn a tough reality into a pleasurable life.

…and oh friend! Believe me when I say that life in Greece and especially Athens has been really unexpected and stressful the past decade! Plus the fact that in my 40’s I get these strange thought…!Some “middle life crisis”!!!

I call it “come to peace with the mature YOU”!

I made a decision in October 2017. I wouldn’t give up, I‘d never stop being optimistic. There’s only one lifetime and I’d better make it work! And what a more beautiful place to make it work than Greece! Or Athens! This adorable and intriguing “old lady” that never sleeps !

So, if by any chance you happen to experience any of the following “international feelings” like:

  • Be inspired and find ways to make the best out of everyday life
  • Get to know YOU
  • Have everyday problems or obstacles keep getting in your road to “peace of mind”
  • Want to makeyour dreams come true, or
  • Even you keep doing mistakes while enjoying life randomness

Remember! You’re not alone!

You’re one of us. The“everyday people”, who want to suck out life’s best parts, no matter what the difficulties are! We may get discouraged sometimes, but there we go again!

That’s what I write about in this blog. Everyday stuff with an optimistic Athenian vibe.

You’re more than welcome to stop by anytime!

Personal stuff

I’m Nadia Athanasoulia, 40+ Athenian working mom of two teenagers…if you know what I mean!!!!!Born in Athens and I live with my man Fotis since 2001.

I strongly believe that:

Life begins whenever and as many time as you decide to!”

Good living isn’t a matter of age, birth place, skin color and wallet size! Everything leaves a print on who we are but these are not the “real fuel” burning to create happiness!

The real fuel is the “…know us better” part of life…!

It burns in those restless minds that sometimes darken, only to rise up again and keep the world turning!

So, let’s take care of those minds with travelling and, happy living.

Minds, in greek is, translated to Noes. This beautiful word was the inspiration of the name of this blog!


… to all of you!

  • With positive attitude
  • Who like travelling and want to know more about Athens and Greece.
  • Who want to live guilt – free
  • Who love wellbeing, fitness and permit themselves to indulge in the small delights of lif, suche as music, books, style and beauty.

…don’t just stand there!

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