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United Regional Listed As A Top Maternity Hospital By Experts

The exclusive contracts allegedly foreclosed United Regional’s competitors from securing contracts with commercial health insurers. Health care providers consider commercial health insurers important to a provider’s profitability. These contracts are significant in that 35 to 40 percent of the payments that United Regional received from commercial health insurers under the exclusionary contracts accounted for only about 8 percent of its total patient volume. By effectively preventing commercial health insurers in the area from contracting with United Regional’s competitors, United Regional effectively slowed or blocked expansion by its competitors into additional services, which DOJ claimed would likely have resulted in more competition and lower health care costs. The department also alleged these contracts dissuaded new providers from entering the market because they could not obtain contracts with many of the commercial health insurers in the Wichita Falls area. Lastly, DOJ claimed that the contracts limited price competition for price-sensitive patients and reduced overall quality of care and service competition that would otherwise have existed between United Regional and its competitors.

Additionally, this hospital does have protocols in place to ensure that bariatric surgery for weight loss is only performed on patients that meet defined criteria. Additionally, this hospital does have protocols in place to ensure that open aortic procedures are only performed on patients that meet defined criteria. “Epic allows other health care providers to see an identical view of the patient’s health care record, no matter where the patient is receiving care,” said Dr. Brett May, Physician Champion for the Epic implementation. On April 6, URHCS will move to Epic – an integrated technology for patients and health care providers. United Regional Health Care System’s mission statement is “To strengthen our community through support of United Regional with actions focused on individual health & well-being. To ensure United Regional Health Care System has the resources to sustain excellence in health care through philanthropic giving.”

You can change your consent settings at any time by unsubscribing or as detailed in our terms. Compiles list of staff needing weekly testing and effectively/timely enters orders in the Epic electronic health record system. Host of cultural opportunities including but not limited to professional symphony orchestra and ballet troupe, two community theater groups, two theaters for the performing arts, and opera house with live performances and art museums. United Regional is a technologically – advanced 325 bed hospital serving 230,000 friendly Texans.

Where prices were below the incremental cost of providing the services, the prices would tend to exclude an equally efficient provider and demonstrate anticompetitive effects. Based on patient usage patterns from Blue Cross and Medicare, two major payers not subject to exclusivity, DOJ estimated that the likely contestable volume was 10 percent of the patient volume that United Regional received from payers with exclusionary contracts. The low contestable volume of patients comes from the limited portfolio of services offered by United Regional’s competitors and the tendency of patients to choose United Regional even for services that competing providers offer. United Regional’s contracts required these insurers to pay significantly higher prices if they contracted with a nearby competing facility. As a result, competing hospitals and facilities could not obtain contracts with most insurers and were less able to compete, helping United Regional maintain its monopoly in the relevant markets and raising health-care costs to the detriment of consumers.

We are locally managed by a Board of Directors comprised of physicians and city leaders living in our community. United Regional Healthcare System is driven by a passion for healing and an unwavering commitment to excellence, United Regional has touched the lives of the people of Wichita Falls and surrounding areas for nearly 100 years. On social security coordination, the agreement aims at ensuring a number of rights of EU citizens and UK nationals. This concerns EU citizens working in, travelling or moving to the UK and to UK nationals working in, travelling or moving to the EU after 1st January 2021. Indeed, these are unilateral decisions of the EU and are not subject to negotiation. Foreign policy, external security and defence cooperation is not covered by the Agreement as the UK did not want to negotiate this matter.

Feedback practices have been shown to support better Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion outcomes, an essential area of assessment that we intend to further expand and develop in the future. The Program Expense Ratio is determined by Program Expenses divided by Total Expense . This measure reflects the percent of its total expenses a charity spends on the programs and services it exists to deliver.

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