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Imagine this!
It’s 20th of December, you’re running like a lunatic to get everything ready for Christmas in time! You come back from work sometime in the evening and you sit next to kitchen table. It’s time to brainstorm with ideas of christmas presents for your dearest people around you and …for your boss!!!!
Guess what!
No ideas! “…sorry, no results found!”
You look straight ahead on the blank wall and think:
“Ah! I’m probably very tired. I’ ll take a shower, relax a bit and I’ ll think of everything then!Easy peasy!”
You have no more than 2 days to buy all you need. There is no time for such an “inconvenience”! No ideas? None? What the f@…!
You take your shower, come back to the kitchen and there it is! The blank little paper with the blue lines totally empty, still waiting there!
Now, this is scary! Still nothing in mind!
I think I ‘m hungry! No-one can focus if they;re hungry! Let’s eat girl!”
Then you eat, you get your desert and a glass of wine to relax more and another glass of wine…and another…! Then you’re drunk and now there is no gift list for sure!
No, presents this year… period!
So, if this scenario is not totally unknown to you, stay tuned to “to Noa’s better”. I will be brainstorming gift ideas not only for Christmas but for all year round!
Today’s post, is a list for all those dear ones that love to workout and really use their bodies!
Either they’re full time athletes or not they do have some needs and your gift can help them meet them!
Based on personal choices and experience, I did a little search…and results were found!!!


A good athletic shoe is fundamental necessity to all fitness and especially running freak!
I would choose for either activity to buy a good running shoe. This way I could do both running and workouts with one shoes. Running with “whatever athletic shoe” lies around can be really damaging for your body.
So choose a good looking running shoe!
My choices for the gentlemen and the ladies of this blog are very affordable and also beautiful!
BUT! We’re not done with shoes yet!
Another great gift , very useful and liberating not only for the runners but also for the rest of the “fit” lovers are the triathlon shoe laces!
These are the laces that are elastic and have a grip so they don’t move no matter what you do! Buy a pair, and then you tell me about it! They’re life saving!

Big bags, small bags… just bags!

A large bag where you can toss everything for the gym, grab it and go is a great gift!
I like girly pink things, and this asos bag would be my “go for it” if I was about to buy now.
If I was to pick a unisex one but still very chic it would be this one form Nike! Love it!
Even if you never go to any gym, a large, comfortable bag is a must buy. You can still toss in all your “athletic stuff and equipment” so that there not lying around waiting for you to use them. Your gym rope, your mini bands, your bottle for water, your arm weights can find their place in a large bag.
The more “intimate” personal stuff such as:
it’s better to keep them first in a zip bag and then toss them in to the bigger one. You should do the same thing with items such as:
  • your activity tracker, if you’re the type of person you need everything kept in details
  • your sport clip, so you can “shine” at night when you finish your running
You can take all those stuff out of your bag the moment you have a great weekend escape idea!
On the other hand, if you just need just a small bag like I do to put your keys and your phone in while running choose a thin belt bag. Almost invisible!

Some running literature!

I’m finishing my list with a gift for the “intellectuals” of the fitness world. Or for those who still think that since they exercise their mind it’s useless to exrcise their body. For all those the gift idea is one and only!

For any of you who are not yet familiar with this unique writer, read this book. You will get an idea about how much he values running and working out for healthy thinking and leading a great life! He has already taken part in many marathons around the world while writing amazing books!
So, as you can see, there are many great gift ideas, very useful for all your beloved “fit” or “wannabe fit” ones. You will make them smile for sure!
I will be posting more Christmas stuff for the following weeks. So stay tuned and subscribe to my newsletter. 

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