It’s the 2nd of February today and Christianity celebrates Candlemas!

But my world, celebrates Suzette, the most perfect orange crepe !

You are probably wondering what came to me and suddenly Christianity is a subject for today’s post, but whoever knows me already sees behind the lines! I know very little about Christian habits and celebrations (I prefer astrophysics).

Moreover, some of you already know how ridiculous I believe is the fact that every day of the year is dedicated to something, anything!

Important Notice!

Nothing ridiculous about the days that serve social and health purposes in order to support people in need!

But, let’s avoid  being extremely serious  and come back to the main subject here – The Crepe!!!

Today not only Christianity but the whole world should be celebrating the one and only French Crepe!

Yeah! Clap your hands in the air!!

But how on earth those two celebrations connect with each other?

That’s easy! In every French home, Candlemas is being celebrated traditionally with a rich “Crepe Menu”. There are many info you can get about crepe making here



The Crepe was born in the 12th century’s Bretagne, situated in the Northwest France (almost across Plymouth)


Rocky area, where only few things used to grow. Crepes were unknown until buck weed was introduced to the locals in the 12th century. The locals then got full advantage of this new product and among other things also created the crepe. So, born in Bretagne this delicacy conquered the whole world!


The story/myth (who knows and who cares!) of Duchess Anne of Bretagne advertised the “crepe”.


She was one day lost in the woods where some locals found her, offered her hospitality and served her with delicious crepes when she felt hungry! She was surprised of how tasty they were and when she returned to her castle she informed her cooks about her new findings.

It finally became France’s National Food!

When the crepe entered the rich homes, it met the expensive, for those years, flour! They became best friends!


The word “Crepe”, comes from the latin “crispa” which means curly


The French have two crepe categories:

Sweet crepes and the

Galettes (savoury crepes). The latter took their name from the Galet = pebble in french. They used to cook crepes  upon heated pebbles.

Crepes are practically the same thing with English pancakes. The neighboring country has the tradition of Pancake meal on  Tuesday just before the Lent.


One of the most famous crepe recipe is Suzette in which orange is the King!


The recipe is accompanied by a “salty” story that wants the Prince of Wales back in 1895 to be visiting Café de Paris in Monaco. He requested from the chef Henri Charpentier a tasty crepe. In order to satisfy and impress the royalty, Charpentier invented Suzette, a sweet crepe with orange juice and cognac. To impress him the chef set the crepe on fire (flambe) and named it after the Prince’s young escort!




In our home, ever since I heard from a friend of ours, who used to work as a “crepe chef” during his student years in Paris, how easy it was to make crepes, the recipe became one of our favorites.

There is no way to f@uck up this recipe. Trust me!


200gr flour – 100gr fresh milk – 100gr water – 2 eggs – 2 tablespoons melted butter – pinch of salt


Let the batter relax for at least 30 minutes. Heat a pan and pour a small amount of batter so that you have a thin crepe and bake it until the surface babbles. Then turn the other side and bake. In 2-3 min the crepe is ready.

It is a very very easy recipe BUT! It takes time  if the aim is to feed 4 people 2 of which are “voracious” teenagers!


I can’t help thinking of Paris every time I say the word Crepe!


I love this city! I have only visited Paris once and trust me  – it is not enough!!!

To satisfy my wanderlust I imagine that I am up at Sacre Coeure with a crepe full of Nutella and biscuit in my hand watching the city laying there and changing colors while the sun is rising or fading!



The rest of this post is dedicated to all the foodies in the house plus to all of you who are programming to visit Paris / France.



This is the list with the best “creperies” of France, I could find (not very recent though) as voted by the French and not by visitors.

The source is “”


“Breath Cafe”

“Mad Eo”

“Creperie Des Promenades”

“Alain Miam Miam”

“Le Coin des Crepes”




Have in mind that you don’t have to visit a fancy restaurant in France to have a great crepe. Canteens are everywhere and believe me, they are the best choice for a crepe on the go, cheaper and delicious as always!


If you live in our beautiful city and the only place you will be eating crepe is Athens, here are some great options:



“Bon Bon”

“Creperie 78”


More info you can find here, here and here.


Finally, my beloved Suzette!

This is the easiest recipe I could find in a nice short video for you my fancy cooks!

After this recipe please be Spartan in your diet for the following days! There are a lot of calories in there!!











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