Night life has been a “serious” part of my life and has taught me a lot! “Morning world” is quite different from the night world! 
Athens by night is always fascinating. It’s mind traveling and often gives the opportunity to “meet” not only the other side of the city but also the other side of its people! Even the other side of ourselves!
Today, I will share with you 3 great bars in Athens that tend to become kind of timeless for me!
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Photo by Nadia


My latest love.
Foire is a french word meaning: fair, bazaar, market. For the owners of this place foire means: taste, delight,music, fun, joy, as they choose to describe in the welcome message of their official site.  You can find info in english here.
It’s actually a “cultural” spot of the city, where you can eat – drink and do some clubbing at the same time. There is also a small, beautiful art corner totally integrated with all the other uses.
This place is soooo pretty! I love love love it!
Fantastic decoration , reminding something of the past but in a such contemporary way!
I had my first cocktail there almost 2 years ago. I can still remember that when I left, I just wanted to call my friends and revisit the place even the next day!
When I want to take my best friend to a bar to catch up, it means I’m sure about the place! That’s exactly what I usually do with my best friend Manos, every time he visits from London. We choose the best bar stool in front of the bartender and we tell EVERYTHING to each other!
There is an artistic feeling at Foire, wood, lots of colors, greenery…I like it all! Especially those tiles of the restaurant floor…oh and this glass roof… they make me want to “cry”!
You can find Foire at the first floor of a very small and narrow street in the center of Athens. 6,Christopoulou str, very near Kapnikarea church and Ermou str.
You can have tasty asian cuisine under the wonderful athenian night sky under the glass roof top!
Don’t feel like eating? No problem! Get your cocktail or even go clubbing . The club is a separate room in the same  space with the restaurant and the bar, where you can “dance yourself to death” usually on Fridays and Saturdays

Speak Easy

 My husband’s favourite!
Brings to life the 1920’s Prohibition years. Only this time we are not in Al Capone’s Chicago but in the center of Athens: 12, Lekka str.

Speakeasy or Blind tiger was how they called the illegal bars where alcohol was sold and served in the U.S back in the ’20s. Everyone had to speak easy so that they were not heard and found by the cops and the snitches!

That’s why those bar were not easy to spot and the same happens also with Athens’ Speakeasy.
Although we knew where we were going, the first time we visited the place we had a hard time finding it.
All you see is an gray entrance in an old block of flats with just a bell, nothing else!
Photo by Nadia – the inside of the entrance
We doubled checked the address…it was right! But where the hell was the entrance?
SO friend,take notes! You don’t want to look like a fool like we did the first time you visit!
  • Go to 12, Lekka str and ring the god damn bell! The old door opens – promise!
  • Go down the stairs, the place is underground. It actually spreads below Lekka street.
  • If you go early at night, like we did, around 22:00 you will find a great spot and stool at the bar. Agter 23:30 it gets crowdy but very very Joyful!
  Dark colors, a lot of 1920’s New York feeling. You can enjoy great cocktails from Vassilis – a great bartender …and a true gentleman!
It’s the best bar for me to drink my winter whiskey… my “Teacher’s”!


“Tesera” in greek means “4”(four).
So, Bartesera is the bar of the 4 ( four owners).
This bar is our “family dispute”!
For personal reasons my man doesn’t like it that much. So, I don’t go there as much as I’d like.
We first visited Bartesera almost at its opening, many years ago. We were very impressed form the building layout. It had something unique and kind of pioneering!
I highly recommend this place. The best part is that you can visit the place anytime during the day, from morning till night.
Bartesera is “made of ” two separate spaces, divided from the entry hall of the building which also has naturally lighted roof. 
Not exactly a glass roof top, but very similar. Love this roof element…! All the different spaces are finally so greatly integrated with each other!
We have spent a beautiful new year’s eve afternoon there, with friends, exchanging presents and love!
So, that’s it for today boys and girls!
Three great suggestions for an Athens night out, all year round!
I adore the night time although I have become a day person now!
You see people change! We are less “solid” than we think!
What about you? Do you have any suggestions on athenian nightlife or on your home town’s night life? Please share with us! Information from any part of the world is always very useful and mind traveling for all of  us!

Mother, wife, working woman. Starting from my city I travel in Greece and in the whole world looking for all kinds of pleasures that make life even prettier to share with you! Body and mind wellness is the key for everything.Follow me!


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