Hello there!

I’m Nadia, a 45 year old (very soon to be 46) who lives in Athens Greece. It’s been a great luck for me to grew up in this city. Athens has been  the perfect “scenery” to mature and design a happy life!

I thought, it would be an easy and fun way to know some things about me by making an unfiltered list of the things I like and do in my life.

So if you’re still curious, keep reading 😉!

Some “me” information!

  • It took almost 24 hours for my mom to give birth to me back in August 1973.
  • If I was a boy my name would be Nick. Like Nick Waterhouse! Did I mention I loooove music? You can check some of my compilations in my Spotify profile! Let’s be friends there too! If you don’t have an account create one today. It’s free!!!
  • I don’t know if this is a coincidence but my all time music love is another Nick. Nick Cave! I’ve spent hours and hours locked in my room as a teenager singing his…poems! Again, spotify me!
  • I have no brothers or sisters and the most part of my family lives in Melbourne Australia. Been there when I was very young. Australia is one of the top 5 destinations in my Travel Bucket List.
  • I love dancing like crazy at parties.
  • I wear sneakers most of the time.
  • My favorite wardrobe pieces are: My classic denim Lee jacket, my white linen shirts and my All Stars.
  • I’ve studied Business Administration
  • I’m working since I was 18 (with only short brakes of a total of 1,5 year)
  • I spent 3 months in N.Y.C in the same building with Iggy Pop, in Avenue B. Same avenue, some blocks further, Charlie Parker used to live. I can’t stop thinking about going back with my sons!
  • I love walking on the docks of the marinas of the Athenian Riviera.
  • I like eating in tavernas with gardens.
  • I’m an Air Traffic Controller for the last 19 years and I love this job!
  • I started running almost a year ago. I run for 5 minutes consecutively the first time in my life last April.
  • My luxury dream is to stay at least one night in Imaret Hotel in Kavala city.
  • I like winter.
  • My last trip was in Rome. We spent 3 days there and each of them there were strong earthquakes.
  • 2 sons – 1 husband – 1 “Maltese boy”. All men! Wish me luck!!!
  • I love blogging and marketing.
  • Use to be a smoker for almost 30 years. I quit on 2013
  • I don’t like Gyms. I work out at home and yes…I’m telling you, anyone can do it and see results!
  • I don’t really like swimming but I adore splashing in the waters.
  • My name is Nadia but I was baptized Konstantina.
  • Apart from the greek one, I love Italian & Indian Kitchen.
  • I don’t like cleaning, ironing or any of that household stuff!
  • I love cooking though 🍕
  • All my favorite book heroes are kids
  • Can’t stay away from olives, white wine, tzatziki, cucumber, green bell peppers, mushrooms and all the cheeses in the world!
  • The city I always wanted to go to was Rome and I was amazed when I first did! This is the only city I think I could live in a glimpse of an eye.
  • I’ve never been to Africa and it’s one of my deepest wishes.

Please! Somebody stop me!

I could go on forever, although in the beginning of this post, I thought I wouldn’t be able to find more than five personal things to share with you.

What about you? Which are the two or three things that you’d first share with us ABOUT YOU? Comment below!

Enjoy Life Now!



Mother, wife, working woman. Starting from my city I travel in Greece and in the whole world looking for all kinds of pleasures that make life even prettier to share with you! Body and mind wellness is the key for everything.Follow me!

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