To be honest, I think I ‘m a sane “beauty addict”. I love everything that involves feeling and looking good. It’s a bit annoying though when everything revolves around beaut, fashion and the ways things and people look.

I’m in that “healthy stage” to have 2-3 beauty items that I truly love. I don’t mind knowing all the choices that exist out there. I ‘m more than ok with those few “product-friends”.

Today, I’m happy to share those “friends” of mine with you!

I don’t really follow beauty trends, but I try to keep up with basic new information. I have my eyes and ears open for any new suggestions or reviews.

I’m mainly interested in products that combine high efficiency with “humane” prices. Who isn’t by the way?

In my 40’s “turbo jet” products and technics are very welcome. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

I love products that make my life better, easier and keep my beauty routine short and pleasurable!

So all I have, is a humble but very effective quartet to share with you today.

Sometimes, things happen totally by chance. For example, I found my top cleaning product of the year on a discussion I had with my dermatologist. She helped me overcome quickly my 3rd cystic acne, at age 44.

Then the shower oil I ‘ve come to like, was a choice I’ve made by mistake. I picked the wrong bottle from the super market shelf (I was in a big hurry). Turned out to be great for my itchy prone skin.

By chance I also bought the small device I love, love. Actually, it’s the first product I want to share with you.

So let’s begin.

Small but…amazing!

Mini cleansing rechargeable device

It’s a tiny pink device, that’s even smaller that my palm. Completely portable and rechargeable (USB cable), perfect for traveling and for…everything. It has three levels of vibration, depending on your desires and needs.

My skin needs exfoliation very often, sometimes more than twice a week. Every single time after I use this mini pink thing, my face (and neck) feels smooth and regenerated!

Exfoliating has become one of the best parts of my weekly beauty routine. I keep the device in my shower, as it’s absolutely water-resistant. I wet my face, put some soft foam product on and …I “vibrate”!!!!

If you can’t get a professional facial, do this instead. After you finish, put your favorite serum or face oil on. Massage for a while and you’re done! Brand new!

Makes the skin soft and it’s instantly absorbed

Ceramidin Serum from Dr.Jart+

I found this serum at Sephora. This product does what it promises. My skin can very easily loose its balance and become quite oily on the T-zone. Although it needs moisture, it doesn’t easily absorb nutrients. So, most products feel heavy and thick on my face. I obviously don’t like that since I’m very acne prone.

But no,not this serum! It’s easy to absorb, very light to wear and instantly brings elasticity to my skin. It’s been a pleasure using it.

I suggest it, hands down, if your skin reacts like mine.

Tip: Don’t forget to also put it on your lips regularly.

You can then seal in the moisture with any other lip product you’re using (Vaseline or any petroleum free product).

Reminder: Vaseline is just helping to preserve the already existing moisture of any skin part. It does not create or stimulate new one. So, first create it and then seal it.

Conditioning Gel Lash & Brow

This product is also offered by Dust and Cream and it ‘s great. Nutrition for the lashes and the brows. I ‘m using it more than three months and it’s made a real difference especially for my brows.

It manages my eye brows and strengthen my lashes, cheap and easy.

There’s no scent in it, easy to use and vitamin-full!.

This discovery was again triggered by a doctor.

My optician suggested that I use a product like this, to keep my lashes away from my eyeballs, since they were injurying them.

So, I tried it out without much thought or research and it ended up to be one of my go-to products and favorites of the year!

The last product I swear by is:

Redness? Never again!

CC Read correct – by Erborian

This is an amazing product, especially even for women like me who don’t use make up very often.

Yes, I like skin care products that support my skin and offer a healthy glow.

Its “ultimate” purpose is to smooth and color correct the face.

Any redness or other complexion imperfections disappear. Its green color does all the magic. It instantly adjusts to your skin’s natural color and gives the impression of perfection.

It’s a Korean beauty culture product. That means it promotes a healthy and “clean” approach to ski care.

It’s soft for the skin and moisturizing. It’s enriched with Centella Asiatica, a plant very beneficial for the skin and the whole body.

I use this product regularly, since I ‘m a very fond of the no make up look. I have redness on my skin and more imperfections than I’d like. Since I rarely wear make up, I use this CC corrector, some blush, my lash gel and I’m good to go.

Well, that was it my friends. Hope you enjoyed it. I can only say that those choices are based on real results I’ve seen on me while using these products.

Try them, and let me know. If you have any suggestions let me know on the comments below!

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