You have decided to make a breakthrough in your life and take care of the body you have been neglecting for years.

You are excited about your decision but although you’ve read all about “how to do” it on the internet you still feel clueless?

Don’t worry, it’s normal.

I am here to help you with this confusion since I have been in your shoes!

There is method for all this you know!

An easy one and I am going to share my findings with you.

∗ Before we jump into those principles I feel the need to tell you that I am not an english native speaker and I haven’t found yet a proof reader that I trust and afford. I am doing my best and I know I’m far from being good. So, please excuse my mistakes. Let’s go then!

Since I’ve started my personal simple fitness trip 5 years ago, I realized that a lot of information I found on the internet was actually “repeating itself” within different sites and fitness blogs.Same thing happened on multiple you tube channels. At the end, it was only the trainer’s personality that made the difference.

But this is something I understood after having spent zillions of hours researching, watching, studying and working out.

As a person, I have this “thing” with personal experience. If I’m not sure about something and haven’t tried it I cannot speak for it or give advice on the matter.

So, long story short, here are the 5 most fundamental principles of working out at home (or anywhere actually) followed by a simply put weekly workout schedule.

Either you are a beginner or advanced these principles and schedule applies to you for sure.

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Goal Identification

It’s mostly important for you to realize which, above all, is your goal!

If you want to lose weight for example and strength and flexibility come second then your workout schedule will be focused in this direction.

On the other hand, if strength, endurance or muscle growth is what matters to you, then other exercises will be included.

After having identified your goal, you have to make sure that it is realistic. I found this article absolutely helpful and I’d suggest you read it. In this article you will get the idea of what is a realistic goal when it comes to fat loss, muscle building etc.

I already know that most of you reading this post right now mostly struggle with fat loss issues.

The key to set your fat loss goals is only one friend!

Calorie Deficit!

 Simply put, you have to take in less calories than you burn.

I will have another post dedicated to calculating calories and fat loss goals the “Easy Way”, I promise.

For now though, have in mind that a 0.5kg weekly weight loss goal is more than enough. You don’t want to lose fat quickly, you want to lose it for good!

Which takes us to the next principle.




You give your time, your courage, your body and mind effort for a reason here. Don’t waste it!

You want to create a new healthy lifestyle that will keep you fit, well weighted and happy for long, hopefully for always!

You don’t want to act like there is no tomorrow. So be patient, realistic so that this whole thing is sustainable for a very very long time.

Move step by step, win small battles at a time and you’ll get greater results! Trust me!



Fitness Level Identification

You must understand your point of departure. It is important to do that in order to avoid injuries.

If you were an athlete a long time ago, but haven’t exercised at all let’s say for the last 5 years.

Be Careful!!!

Some of us tend to think they can do better than possible based on past facts that don’t apply anymore.

What applies now for you is totally different from 5 years ago. I found it the hard way myself, believe me.

Also, your starting point is not the same as mine just because we both star our fitness journey today.

For example, if I have knee or back problems (which I do) my present fitness level is not the same with yours when you are perfectly healthy.

I would suggest that you didn’t compare your status or progress with anyone else’s, especially in the beginning of your “working out life” since all those things are based on multiple factors (there is a lot of science behind it).

Think only of yourself and what you can do better.

The best way to determine your fitness and health level is by paying a visit to your doctor. Take some tests according to your age to check you are healthy and kicking. Depending on the results, have a conversation with your doctor about your training goals, get the restrictions he will pinpoint for you, go home and start training accordingly.



Overload and Recovery

In general terms, our bodies learn the “hard way”. The more you stimulate your muscles the better they grow and shape. This also is a rule of thumb.


From my experience this applies to muscle growth only and could be disastrous from skeletal aspects if you don’t understand and apply it correctly

This principle is one of my favorites and most effective.

Every one of us has different understanding of stress, overload, strength, stamina. Don’t ever imagine you have to act like Arnold Schwarzenegger in your living room to apply “Overload” principle. This principle, especially for us working out at home simply means “more than your comfort zone”.

Meaning: If you do your program and you realize that you don’t feel sore at all then do more!

When your muscles feel a bit sore, that’s when they start build themselves and get shape.

And remember, either you are a woman or a man, that’s what you want. You do want to build and shape muscles because it is the


-To accelerate FAT LOSS

-To build a strong and well-shaped body!


Overload doesn’t work alone! It also needs Recovery for support.

When the muscle system is “stressed” it needs to relax to be able to get “stressed” again.

Muscle building is concluded at relaxation periods. So, try to offer your body “workout free” days – don’t get overwhelmed. Do more does not necessarily mean do better.



Our body’s number one characteristic is memory. All species, adapt in life according to their memories.

The more we nurture these memories, the better our body behaves.

I think you get it friends. That’s the most difficult part for most of you. The moment you realize that there’s no such thing as magic. Only hard work exists! Especially when it comes to body training.

It’s your new lifestyle here we are talking about, not a break from your “do nothing for my body” way of living.

There is no meaning in working out sparsely. Our body cannot overload and get the new message this way because recovery periods are much longer than needed. The result is that we see no changes and we get disappointed.

Some of you may think, I will work out a lot today in order not to work out again for the next 4 days.

Wrong & Useless!

That way, today’s workout hours are gone to trash.

Set a realistic program and stick to it, persistently!


The End


These are the basic principles you need to understand before you begin your fitness journey and make it work the best way for you!

Now, all that being said, I’ll give you the basic guidelines of scheduling your workout week, as proposed by many on line trainers.





Interested in a pdf format? Click here: Workout Scedule Per week

Are you already using your own on line sources to design your personal training program? Which was you biggest problem when you began coaching yourself at home ? Please, leave your comments, share your experience about the beginning of your fitness journey.

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Have Fun!























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