Imagine this! You’ re standing somewhere near Syntagma Square in need for some rest, after a long walk under the athenian sun.

Best thing to do is to take a coffee break… the Greek way!

Coffee the greek way? What does this mean?

All it means is that we Greeks drink coffee taking our time! It’s almost a ritual.

Going out for coffee usually has nothing to do with “sipping” the actual product. The real meaning behind it is to catch up with loved ones, talk about almost everything, analyze politics and sometimes never actually drink coffee!

Some other times, coffee leads to wine or and then to “meze” and then…anything can happen!

So, coffee break is about relaxing, socializing and spent meaningful time with friends or colleagues.

“Coffee culture” is very appreciated in Greece! There are many coffee shops to enjoy your break in Athens.

High quality coffee, exceptional design, cozy places where you can combine coffee, snacks and of course good wine or cold bear.

Lots of places you can choose from, either it’s a hot summer day or a chillier one.

Unless it’s raining, you can sit outside in almost every cafe in Athens all year long.. Most coffee shops have heaters and tents outside so you can enjoy your coffee without getting wet or cold (cold in Athens =anything below 13 degrees c ☃ )

During hot summer days, heaters are replaced by fans, one of the greatest human discoveries, if you ask me! (together with air conditioning… )

So here are my personal suggestions for a great coffee break in Athens.


Kolokotroni 25 str.

One of my favourite places to drink coffee or whatever else you heart desires, any time of the day.

An old pigeon house, that turned into a covered arcade somewhere back at the 1920’s.

Today, it’s an all day hang out from breakfast hours to lunch time or late night drinks. Art is also something you will enjoy in Bartesera.

This is the place to visit if you want to get the modern and classy vibe of the city

For more drinks you can also read “3 Great bars in the center of Athens

Cherchez La femme

Mitropoleos 46 – Athens

Chercher la Femme: What’ does this mean anyway?

Well it doesn’t mean what it says. That any man’s goal is to find a women so…Look for that woman!

What it really means according to common sayings, is that the source of any problem is a woman. She doesn’t need to be the direct cause of that problem, but she’s still the reason! Sooo…look for her!

First used by Alexandre Dumas in his book, “The Mohicans of Paris” back in 1864. Some decades later appeared the story “Chercher la femme” of O.Henry. Want more clues?

Walking down Mitropoleos str. and after the Athenian Cathedral, you find one of my favorite bistrots.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens, is a great stop even if you’re not into religious tourism.

The unexpected French name (written in greek) “Chercher La Femme” catches the eye, so does its decoration. The old fashion athenian bistrot has a wonderful interior that will satisfy most of your senses.

Everything in Chercher la Femme, is based on quality greek products and recipes. We can find good coffee, tasteful “mezedes” (small portion plates served with spirits) and  smiling people…What else do you need?

Strongly suggest it. I very often visit the place when I ‘m downtown especially during day time. Preferably, take a sit inside and enjoy the atmosphere of old Athens.

Tailor Made

Agias Eirinis 2, Athens

One of my husband’s top choices. Situated in the heart of “old Athens, at Agia Eirini ’s square.

The temple of Agia Eirini, back at the 1850, was the church that formal ceremonies of the newly founded Greek state used to take place, until the athenian Metropolitan Church was built.

The square of Agia Eirini already existed as a commercial and crowdy spot of the city. In 1830 the first athenian restaurant appeared at Aiolou str.

Almost in front of the 120 years old flower shop, you can have your coffee in one of the best and “oldest” micro roasteries in Athens.

Coffee and tea is their thing! You have literally dozens of tea and coffee specialties to pick from and if you’re clueless don’t worry! You have all the help in the world…cause the Tailors…Oh! THEY KNOW my friend!

Daytime is the time to enjoy the decoration and the full central european/greek island vibe the place brings. It’s an old fashioned, high ceiling modern drinking spot, where you can actually spent your whole day. Begin with coffee and then have a “tailor made” sandwich and other bites. Finish your evening with cocktails whichever time of the year!

Dyo Goulies – Dyo Boukies

Dragatsaniou 8, Athens

Two sips & two bits is what literally means. You can get great specialty coffee, well made with deep love for the product itself from Tania and Nikos. Both coffee lovers, trying to offer to every single client the best they can get from that 16 grams of distilled bean.

It’s a wonderful place! Cozy, simple and so full of light an positive vibes! It’s an absolut go-to!

Easy stop for anyone who walks in Athens to get the true feeling of local central life. Next to Agioi Theodoroi Church and Agiou Markou str, one of the old fashioned shopping streets in Athens.

Petit Fleur

Omirou str. 44, Athens

Almost hidden at Omirou str in Kolonaki district, Petit Fleur promises for more than 15 years now to give you high quality coffee as well as chocolate… its specialty!

High quality products and a non smoking clean environment! Those were the first things that George, founder and owner of this first Petit Fleur in Kolonaki, had in mind. I can assure you about those two things since I know George!

The non smoking experiment worked, to our surprise in an “era” that no anti smoking law existed in Greece. It was a real challenge back then!

Not only was it successful, but you can now find 7 Petit Fleur spread around Athens and the rest of Greece.

Enjoy the Valrhona and all the “secret family recipes” your stomach can “afford”.

Last but not least…

Six D.O.G.S

Avramiotou 6-7, Athens

There was nothing in the hidden alley of Avramiotou str. before Six D.O.G.S appeared and changed the look of the area.

It’s a unique cultural spot where you can have you coffee in the heart of the city. It’s also a bar, an art gallery and a place that hosts live shows and dj sets. Everything that triggers your mind!

You can stop to get your coffee and maybe a bit if you’re hungry anytime of the day, in a totally relaxed backyard you cannot even imagine it exists when you first follow the stairs to this basement in Avramiotou str. The secret garden is an unexpected oasis in the busy center of the city!

Must visit place if you’re hanging around Athens in anytime of the year!

One thing is certain. Whichever your choice will be, any of the above coffee places will offer a unique atmosphere that totally matches the modern athenian vibe.

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Have you ever visited any of those spots in Athens? Even better, which is your favorite cafe in this old city? Share your suggestion with us. I’d be glad to hear from you!

Important: none of the photos above are mine, except the main blog image

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