If you need to edit your Instagram photos only by using one app this post is for you! 8 tips and tricks to successfuly photo edit all of your photos only by using Instagram editing tools. Great results! Let’s get into it!

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I entered Instagram world for the needs of this blog.

Before this, I was never really interested in social media. It kind of seemed a bit useless, especially since my day job didn’t need any kind of publicity and socializing.

Communicating with other people was never a problem for me. I grew up in a world where being social basically meant “get out of your house!”. I am still a bit old fashioned and I really like it to be honest. I prefer to get in touch with people by getting out of my house to connect or by picking up a phone and make a call. When I was younger “phone calling” was almost an art!

So, now that I am all into social media I’m trying to make the best out of it. Instagram was some kind of a revelation. I realized how much I loved taking and editing pictures. Capturing parts of my life, moments that although not so important still matter. Trying to show my mood or even my everyday choices and post creations without speaking or writing! That was actually a challenge, something totally new for me.

As you can imagine, even though 40+, I am still a “freshman” in social media world. So, at the begining I reached out for help. I took advice and gathered information about all the different apps and tricks I needed in order to create  a “decent feed” on Instagram.

I am still trying to find my way through all these new stuff and at the same time I try to keep my sense of humor. I remind to myself that this is all something like a game. Mistakes and failures are “allowed”!

Hey! It’s only media friends! No need to worry about it a lot! Have fun with it, our lives don’t depend on it. Always remember that!

One of the first advice I took was to AVOID Instagram filters. Until that time, I had so many photo editing apps downloaded on my phone that I didn’t care about this piece of advice. What not to use??? I didn’t even know how to use what I should be using at the first place!!!

Now, several months later I’‘m sure that this piece of advice I took back then, is not one I’d share with a newbie today.

Instagram editing tools are an extremely convenient option for a simple man’s needs.

I say again, EXTREMELY!

You can have a decent “outcome” without changing dozens of apps in only 5 minutes.

Don’t get me wrong! I can see all the little differences between the more “professional” apps. For me these are not always necessary though. I am usually “covered” by the Instagram editing tools for my everyday needs.

If you are not interested in becoming “insta-famous” or have the best “feed” ever, continue reading!


Here are the 8 tips for editing your photos on Instagram without ever living the app.


  1. You chose your photo, chose your filters, applied your saturation or brightness and watever else you wanted on your photo. If you wander what it looked like at the first place do one simple thing. Tap and hold on your edited photo and there it is! You can see the original.


  1. You can adjust the strength any filter ( or other tool  ) after tapping a second time on the filter thumbnail. The intensity slider appears and you can then adjust it according to your needs.


  1. Filter rearrangement? Yes! You can do that! There are some filters you use more than others and perhaps you need them first in line. To do that, first choose a photo for editing. Then you tap and hold your finger on the thumbnail of any filter until it gets activated. While still holding, move thefilter icon to the position you wish. Another way to do it is by choosing the” manage” option at the end of the filter line. A list of all the filters appears and you can press – hold on any filter and move it to the position you like. Exactly as you would do on your smartphone to rearrange your apps.

This list of filters takes us to the next tip!


  1. There are many filters in the “manage” options that are not activated yet. You have to scroll down the list to see them. You can add them to your list simply by ticking on the right.


  1. Sometimes it is tricky to adjust the filter or other tools intensity from the sliders. For example you want the intensityit to be at strength 40 and it slides to 42. What can you do to make it easier?

  Move your finger a bit further left or right of the slider circle and tap. You get easier and detailed       adjustment.


  1. If for any reason you forgot what edits you’ve made and you want to refresh your memory then go to you photo first. Look at the bottom of the effects of brightness, contrast etc. If you see a small dot under those tools, they are the ones used.


  1. You want to edit your photo without publishing it right away?

Ok then. Make sure you have the “keep the original photo” on your initial Instagram settings on. Then choose the photo you want to edit. Edit it and before you hit the publish option set your phone on “flight mode”. Then publish the photo as you’d normally do. You will get the message of “failed publishing” because you no longer have internet connection.Now go to your phone’s image collection. Your “failed” photo is going to be there, waiting for you to publish it the right moment!!!


  1. Use the “lux”! Choose a photo to edit. At the middle top of your photo there is the half dark sun sign. That’s the lux. Chose it and see the effect it gives you. It’s an instant pop of all the pretty and vibrant details of your photo. You can adjust it with the slider as you wish.


Well, that’s it my friends! These are all the tips and tricks I found and use daily to edit my photos. You may find them trivial if you are a photo edit guru. For everyone else who wants a simple, time saving photo editing option these tips are very useful. There are a lot of other apps I am trying to master these days, all about photo editing. I find that this part of social media life is very interesting and fun. If I ‘m not in a hurry and enjoy a lot playing with all the different filters and effects.

Do you have any tips and tricks about photo editing with the Instagram app or any other? It would be grate and most helpful to share it with us. You can leave a comment below thw post or contact me here. And don’t forget! Join our group , it’s fun! Subscribe for fresh news!

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Have Fun!



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