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Welcome to “to Noa’s better”.

TnB, is a travel and lifestyle blog dedicated to offer all information needed to travelers who wish to design and experience the perfect trip to Athens, Greece.

I’m Nadia. A 45 year old working mother and wife, doing my best to enjoy life at the fullest.

My No 1 mantra is that:

We should all live and create guilt free!

Travelling, writing and communicating with similar minded people are things that make my heart sing! Fruit of these passions, is this blog I brought to life in October 2017. 

Before we go any further

English isn’t my mother tongue so please excuse any mistakes you may be finding in my writing or in my expressions. I try to keep things as simple and as clear as possible in my posts in order to avoid any misunderstanding. But wait!

To Noa’s Better isn’t a mistake! …and Noa isn’t a name. So then, does it mean anything at all?

I created the word Noa. It is the feminine version of the word “noes” that means “minds” in Greek and sounds wonderful to my ears. Since this blog started as a “greek experiment” of sharing experiences that make our minds and hearts richer, I’m keeping this strange name for the moment.

How did this blog came to life?

Long story short

I’m sure you’ve heard before the belief that “difficulties can be the turning points that lead to a marvelous life“. Whether you believe it or not, I can assure you that this has been a game changing attitude for me.

In 2017, being already 40+ and living in a country that was “crushing most people’s wallets”, dreams were difficult to survive and flourish.

I was feeling depressed, scared and uninspired. It was the first time in my life that the future seemed dark and quite threatening to me.

In 2017 and since the beginning of the economic crisis in Greece back in 2010, I was already working for many years just to pay taxes (and I still do). My kids were already back then teenagers (rough time – if you now what I mean?!), my husband was unemployed for more that 2 years and our debts were getting humungous, almost out of human control!

That was not the life I’ve dreamt of!

Traveling, one of my greatest loves, suddenly became an out of the question luxury and life in general became too “grounded” for me. I was suffocating! 

My mantra No2:

Life begins whenever and as many times as you decide to!

In 2017, I decided to pull my head out of the water. I forced myself to take baby steps towards re-designing what I call a good life. I was really fed up feeling trapped and sorry for what was happening to me. I’ve learned my lesson. That tough reality was MY LIFE and I was about to make it absolutely enjoyable and worth living!

I had to recreate ways for my creative juices to flow again.

I always loved writing, communicating and sharing ideas. Especially travel experiences and life goals. Expressing myself honestly and finding ways of being of use to other people was actually a great way to start over.

So, there we are! TnB came to life!

Athens treasures revealed just for you!

I’ve infused TnB with all my love for Athens and Greece.

My goal is to make this blog the one – stop source for everything a traveller to Athens will ever need.

I live in this old city since I was born and I now first hand everything a visitor needs to do to create unforgettable moments in this ancient beauty

Athens has been the perfect “scenery” for me to grow up, mature and create the life I have today. Why not share all its treasures and secrets with you?

So, either you’re

  • a first time traveler to Athens and Greece or an experienced one
  • an expat or
  • an athenian or even another greek citizen that hopes for a different view of Athens…then stick around!

Your questions will be answered


  • Is you life’s dream to travel to Greece and Athens? 
  • Does getting to know Athens seem a bit overwhelming?
  • You’re not sure how many days you should stay and which of the millions of ancient ruins you must see?
  • Does really Athens is worth your time and money if you’re not a history lover?
  • Who cares about Athens when there’s Santorini in Greece?
  • Is one, two or three days enough to get the Athens vibe?
  • Which are the tips to move around in such a huge city?
  • What should I avoid doing in Athens!
  • It’s my first time in Greece, where should I go?
  • Are you bored of doing the same things in Athens?

Do any of those questions sound familiar? Well, don’t worry any more!

You can find answers to your questions by visiting my FAQ page, which will be consistently revised and enriched. If the topic that concerns you isn’t answered yet then:

  • leave a comment with your question
  • email me at tonoasbetter@gmail.com or
  • use the contact page to write your message.

I know this city well and I’m more than happy to share with you my unique recommendations and my tips and tricks that will help you create an unforgettable experience in Athens and in Greece!

I’ve been travelling in this country since I was very young and after 45 years of experience I think I have a thing or two to share with you.

Every day life experiences of an Athenian!

Life isn’t just work and travelling isn’t the only source of happiness.

So, I will also be sharing with you some of the thoughts and ideas my greek mind generates in order to have a happy everyday life.


  • a mom of two young men (15,5 & 17 years old)
  • a wife for the last 18 years
  • a budget friendly fit and beauty junkie
  • a book devourer and a
  • music and film lover

…I can and will share with you much more than Athens and Greece travelling experiences!

So happy we talked!

Was that it?

Of course not! The fun part begins now.

Thank you for stepping by. Hope I’ll be seeing you around! 💕

Enjoy life NOW!