You’re in the couch, scrolling down the feed of “a perfect body” ! You stop on a picture with “the body” getting ready to devour an instagramable dish, with rainbow colors, which is usually equivalent to packed nutrients. At the same time, you can see “the body’s” abs even under the sweatshirt!!!

You’re wondering: “But how can this be? What about me! Maybe I was born without no abs?”

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…a body! – Unsplash photos


My darlings, don’t get upset! Υou have blood pressure, remember?

See? There is something you have and “the body”doesn’t!!!!!

Ok, bad joke? Maybe. But you get my point!

That was a scene that many of us have experienced even if some of us don’t really care about the looks. You don’t need to care to be able to see the advantages in overall health condition of a well trained person.

To be realistic, our body health levels are well connected with how it looks ( always within limits}.

This post is meant to emphasize on how simpler than anyone imagines is, to join the club of “athletes” at any age, setting the foundation for a healthier future.

I am not exaggerating when I say:”It is not as difficult as it seems at first”, and I will never be tired of saying that.

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However, the “systematic” part of the previous phrase is the most important part. Don’t overlook it !

Unless you’re regularly training, you won’t be able to reap all the physical and emotional gifts exercise can offer you.

So put persistence and systematic effort in your training and believe me! New life awaits you!

You may snob the workout trends and I much agree with you!

But just think this! This often annoying trend on the other hand, has already offered a lot to the “illiterate training conscience” that prevailed. Don’t forget that fitness is always part of a science!

As science I always approach it in my posts, and I share with you its most effective conclusions.

Let’s get to the post now.

Good habits are hard to create and keep!


HIIT – Unsplash

So,how do you create a new fitness habit  if you are a novice?

As a rookie you haven’t yet had the chance to feel the uplifting feelings that training offers. So you lack this “dope” feeling!

So, I think that this is the first thing you need to feel first. Then, you’ll be wanting more and more!

How will we do this?

With short and not exhausting fitness programs, you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

So at first, we look for joy and simplicity.

Although I am all in for high-intensity interval training workouts, also known aw HIIT, it wouldn’t be what I would recommend for beginners.

On the contrary, I would suggest the less known but equally effective LIIT.

Let’s go and see those two acronyms consist of.

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training

Exercise of high intensity with intervals.

Hard exercises alternating alternating with rest periods, especially helps burn fat and build muscle.


We love them!

For a beginner though, ΗΙΙΤ will be rather discouraging. It is very high intensity and seems that at a point you are running to catch your breath! An we don’t want to be discouraged at the “dusk of our careers”

Is there any way to keep the great benefits of interval training?

Well my friend there is and is called  LIIT.

LIMIT: Low Intensity Interval Training

It works with the same logic as HIIT, but with low-intensity exercises but longer duration .

If a 10 minute HIIT would have a specific result with LIIT, it would take twice or even three times longer duration in to have the same results.

So if you are the challenge type of person  and you have faith in your strengths, my suggestion is to try out a HIIT program for beginners right now . The challenge is big but the benefits will be uplifting!

On the other hand, if there is even one chance to be discouraged by a highly demanding program, it’s LIMIT: Low Intensity Interval Training

It works with the same logic breaks as HIIT, but with low-intensity exercises and longer training to prevent it from happening.

On the other hand, if there is only one case to be discouraged by a demanding exercise program, prefer to spend a little more time doing a LIIT program until you get fitter.

The benefits to your mood and your body will be exactly the same as the HIIT eventually.

So choose  well structured LIIT programs and get into a training course right away. Along the way, keep track of your results, your wants and needs and evolve.

From personal experience I tell you that if you are in a phase that you want a renewal in your life, physical exercise, simple as it sounds, is a great option!

You ‘ll get stronger, you ‘ll go high, you will slim down and most of all, you will create a new good habit and a fresh daily goal!

Talk to your doctor. Take his advice on what is best for you according to your health levels. Follow strictly his advice and choose the appropriate program. There is always one just right for your needs!

Of course I will not leave you without suggestions. I give you a HIIT and a LIIT Total Body to start with. (both relatively easy)

Very often I upload videos on facebook, with the programs I choose and I execute at home. Among those there are also interval training sessions. Follow me on facebook and get an idea!

And remember!

Just do it!

What about you? Do you have any suggestions on how to incorporate any kind of uplifting training to our everyday life?

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