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As you can already understand, I’m about to take a short trip.

It’s a one day trip. I love that kind of short trips. They are easy to organize and nothing is actually difficult to set up.
You don’t have time to get board in case you don’t like the destination (you have time to quarrel though-so be careful!) and practically nothing to worry about.
Those trips are perfect if you want to relax, decompress yourself from harsh everyday life. They leave you with the sweetest taste that makes you think ‘Wow! That was easy, we can do it again very soon!”
If you’re lucky and nothing sudden gets in your way you WILL do it again soon. That’s how life becomes happier, full of possibilities and chances of calmness.
I travel often this way the last years that my wallet is small and travelling abroad is not quite easy.
You see, traveling makes my heart sing! I am traveling in Greece now and often to destinations “2hours drive from home maximum”.
Tomorrow I am taking my first wine trip ever and I am very-very excited about it!
Destination: Peloponnese and more specifically the land of Leo.
For those not very familiar with Greek mythology, I am visiting Nemea, the place that Hercules killed the Lion, which finally became Leo constellation.
Name is only 1,5 h away from Athens, easy drive and so, I don’t many things to take with me.
Sometimes I am such in hurry to leave that I forget to take even the absolutely necessary stuff with me. Id cards, debit cards, phone etc.
Soothes time I will forget nothing since I’ve made myself a checklist. It’s in a pdf format and I will share it with you my friend! Hopefully you’ll find it helpful and “mood fixer”!

 Click here to download my pdf Checklist for One Day Trips



Let’s talk about tomorrow’s trip.

Number of travelers 2: My husband and I

Duration: Short and easy drive of 1,5 h.



What exactly should I take with me on this short trip except from myself?

Let’s get organized.

Plan visits and activities

I would like to wake up early and lose nothing from my day. Ideally, I would like to hit the road at about 08:30 or 09:00. There may be heavy traffic at the exit of Athens since Saturday is a working day (half of it at least).

Unfortunately the archeological area at Nemea tomorrow is closed. I really wanted to see the stadium and the tunnel that lead the athletes in it. I had the smartest idea to call in order to check if the place would be open, since I don’t trust a lot public services in my country (very sorry to say that-but always double-check with Greek authorities for anything).

The official site of ancient Nemea didn’t even have the courtesy to inform on line visitors that they do not provide services on Saturdays due to lack of personnel. I called and this very polite lady told me that after the 20th of February and until the end of March Saturdays are “ON again”! From April open ALL DAYS in case you would like to visit this great place. They hired people!!! That’s news my friend for Greece!

Since I’ m not lucky to see the place I won’t need this extra time I was estimating. I can totally dedicate my time to the winery and the vineyards that I adore!

Car Check

We recently had a mini-service, our car is “healthy” so, we’ll pour some gasoline and check the tires.


Traditionally, we stop at a bakery and buy ourselves some water, coffee and snacks for the road. I don’t know why, but while traveling I always feel a bit hungry even when I am not really!!! (a doctor please!)

Small backpack

I have lots of them, they’re very convenient. I can actually toss anything in there without thinking!

But what will I?

Stick sunscreen. I take it with me always. It is very convenient and you can also fly with it in your handluggage , it’s not liquid anymore!

Disposable tissues, wet ones also! They are lifesavers especially in the car.

Umbrella! I always leave one in the car for any case! If it was summer I’d take a hat also.

Map. Always have a detailed map of Greece n the car. There is always phone maps, although on this specific trip we will not need much of a map.

I won’t take a phone charger with me but a power bank. I have also checked I have lots of internet connection MB.

I always keep in my wallet 1-2 pain killers. You may not always find money in there but You always find “my medication”!!!

Id card, driver’s license debit cards, cash etc…basics!

I once more remind you and myself also that It’s only 1,5 h drive from home…not much!

When I was young, I’d take a back pack, flip flops, a pair of shoes, jean shorts, underwear, swim suit, 2-3 t-shirts and left for 2week vacation. If the case was a day trip, I’ d tale no bag at all. Money, Id cards and my car!

Well friends, I think I’m done! I hope the trip will be safe and pleasant. Hopefully, I will gather lots of wine tasting experience, many information about twine tourism at Nemea, the “Bordeaux of Greece” as it is called. We will talk all about it in a future post.

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Noa's Newsletter!

Great ideas and Fresh news!

I agree to have my personal information transfered to MailChimp ( more information )

I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Hope you spent the weekend in a relaxing and invigorating way!

Have fun!







Mother, wife, working woman. Starting from my city I travel in Greece and in the whole world looking for all kinds of pleasures that make life even prettier to share with you! Body and mind wellness is the key for everything.Follow me!

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