This unexpected love peacefully intruded my life last August 2018. I will always remember that day for two reasons.

First reason is that this was the first trip I ever made since I became a mother leaving my boys alone back in Athens. Of course,telephone checks were often by their grandfather who also lives in Athens, but, practically they stayed alone and slept in an apartment well locked, resembling to a fort!

You can easily understand, that Poros Island is combined in my mind with this sudden “slap” that all parents face at some point  that says: “That was it! They’ve grown up!”

Second reason for whitch Poros will always stay vivid in my memory is that it was a real surprise! I have visited Poros island twice before last time. Fist time somewhere back in my childhood, while taking a daily cruise with my mother to see the islands of  Saronikos Gulf. The island seemed so “not beautiful”, as I compered it with the stunning Hydra island which we visited that same day. I have also taken a daily trip to Poros back in 1998 (I think)  when my boyfriend (back then) was serving “mom Greece” in the Navy! Not a good memory!

So, it came as a surprise to me to see Poros again and really love it!

My husband and I left Athens in a quite hot August day, after having just returned (only just five days ago) from our summer holidays in the Greek mountains οf Epirus. For many different reasons we had not succeeded in relaxing during our summer vacations this year and we felt we needed some time together before I started work again.

Within  only a few hours we chose our destination, Poros, and the next morning we took our little black car and hit the road!

But let me give you some details and useful information.


How to travel at Poros island?

You can find all the options of traveling to Poros Island here.

Shortly the alternatives are:

  • From the port of Piraeus by Flying Dolphin by Hellenic Seaways (1h – no vehicles accepted)
  • From the port of Piraeus by Flying Cat by Saronic Ferries  .Also no vehicles on board, 1h and 20′ as it stops also at Aigina Island and Methana port (Methana = small village near Poros at Peloponnese . You can always stop for a coffee at Aigina.
  • By bus from Athens or from any other departure point as long as it stops at Galatas village, across Poros at Peloponnese . The routing from Athens is Athens-Korinthos-Methana-Galatas
  • By car, same routing of course, short trip of approximately 2,5 hours.
  • From Galatas village you can either take taxi-boat for about 1 euro. You arrive at Poros in 5 min, or by ferry (takes vehicles too) for about 4 euros and for less than 10 min. THAT CLOSE !
∗ at Poros port there is a free parking space 

It is not a very long trip and one of the extra bonuses of getting there by car was that we saw the beauty of picturesque ancient Epidaurus village from up the road. This photo is not mine because we did not want to loose not even a minute so we didn’t stop to take any.

Ancient Epidaurus Village

“One Image -a  thousand words”

First Impressions Of Poros Island

Poros is a beautiful Greek corner!

While waiting at Galatas to take the ferry to Poros, I have already began to mind-wander in the amphitheatric alleys of Hora (name of the central village of most Greek islands). I could clearly see the “Clock”, trademark of Poros town, dominant among the other buildings. You must climb the stairs up to the Clock to see the beautiful view. It’s looking over Galatas and Poros’ Lemon Forest which is “strangely” situated across, at Peloponnese. I was already in love with little island even before I stepped foot on it. I knew that nothing could disappoint me for the following 24 hours.

I was right!

We left Hora, temporarily, to find our hotel, our new  “24 hour home”.


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Our Accommodation At Poros

We spent our night at Poros Image Hotel. We had our inside info about the hotel. We new it is very clean, cozy with a marvelous almost breath-taking view at Poros Hora. We had no doubt about it since it used to be one of the “state” hotels, once named “Xenia” (philoxenia=hospitality in Greek). Those hotels were situated all over Greece at the most stunning places our country haw to offer.

Our stay at Poros Image was very satisfying

The rooms were large and very clean, the view, as said, amazing – we could see all of the Chora from our small balcony! The employees very polite and helpful (although not very warm). Everyone was very polite and very helpful, though not very warm.

We were informed that the hotel has a “private” beach and a pool. Here are some useful information for you my friend:

  • The hotel beach is organized. There are sunbeds and beach towels are offered by the hotel (included in room fee). There is a café-bar and also a restaurant (check the opening hours with the reception), so thirst and hunger won’t be a problem.

    There is also a shower, most necessary facility as I will explain later. So, as you see all that an organized beach needs is offered BUT there is something absent. Can’t say exactly what – there is this feeling that the minimum is offered and nobody bothered for that “little something” that makes the difference. It’s ok – not a big deal!


•The hotel pool can’t say that is small but not very spacious either. I don’t think it would be very pleasant to swim or hang out in that pool if the hotel was full. So, if you mainly dream of relaxing at the pool with a fancy cocktail, that’s not what you get here my friends! Other than that, it is a clean, family friendly pool that does its job, especially in an island like this where beaches is not its “forte”. I consider it as a hotel advantage.


The only stain in our stay at this hotel was “breakfast”

As I said before describing the hotel beach, everything was there for a typical “American breakfast”. Nothing was missing but again you could feel the absence of cooking love. The presentation /serving was without care  (sloppiness would be too edgy but borderline away from truth). The filtered and espresso coffee offered at breakfast buffet was really bad and none of the products related to local cuisine.

I have nothing against the so called American Breakfast BUT I am an absolute fan of local products and cuisine wherever I go. So, Greek Breakfast is a must in my opinion. It’s irrational to “sell” Poros and “serve” USA. It doesn’t make sense people!!!

Contributing to our wonderful touristic country we should all vote for Greek Products!

I am sad I had to pinpoint those hotel disadvantages, but they are true. I have to say though that I know how hard it is for a business to survive in Greece of 2017. Actually it was always difficult to do that here in Greece, keeping your sanity! If this is the case,I can offer this honest excuse to the hotel management if they left something behind in order to compress the expense and survive.


Look at that Beach!

I had heard that Poros doesn’t have the best beaches. And you know, us Greeks are very spoiled on this subject, as amazing beaches are spread all over our country. I kept my mind open although I have double checked the info. Our hotel was about 5 minutes car distance from the port and we had the chance to see two beautiful beaches on our way.

So, pretty!!!

Anyone who said that Poros lacks of beaches is crazy! Calm, heavenly beaches with emerald waters.

Please driver stop!!!

We arrived at the hotel and very pleased from what we saw.We decided to take a quick drive around the island (which is very small) to see the rest of the beaches and decide on which sand we would lay our bodies!

Before that we paid a visit to the closest beach, the hotel beach!

Beautiful, picturesque but a bit smelly, with a very soft seabed. Blurry also,due to fact that the boats are passing through this position. So the shower (I talked about it before!!!)  is an absolutely necessary facility for difficult people like me that I have a thing with bad smells.

So what we realized is that all beaches are very pretty and attracting from up the road but not so great when you dive in the waters. You can certainly have a great and relaxing day to any of them. We chose to spend our afternoon at the Russian Bay, which is the most impressive, historic beach of the island, just like a decadent scenery of a movie by Angelopoulos.

Russian Bay – by


You can find a map with all of Poros beaches here.


Wandering in Poros

The island is small and very convenient for a drive. So, after leaving the Russian Bay, we drove to the north of the island where it gets a bit wilder and dryer. After that, we drove to the south to see if there is beautiful spot we would like to go the next day to have a swim before you hit the road again back to Athens.

We finally decided that the hotel beach and pool were GREAT!

We returned to the hotel and spent some hours in our perfect room gazing Poros horafrom our perfect balcony.

I was a bit unlucky because I got ill, with high temperature but that did not discourage me. We left for the town and I ate something as quickly as possible to get my medication and when the fever went away we walked a bit through the alleys of Poros. I had to do it in any case! The beauty of the alleys of hora rewarded my persistence!

Horoa – The secret ace

The town is perfect, very alive. It is not a fake image of an island full of touristic shops and “rent a car” and rooms. Even at the port, which is usually the most touristic promenade in every island, you can see among the r”ooms to let” the signs of doctors, teachers and lawyers. The place is full of people who live, work and create there and this fact is more obvious in Poros that in many other Greek islands. Hidden taverns with gardens and picturesque view of Galatas. Oh! This place is like a fairytale!

Island of Poros – by Noa



If your wish is to have  a short trip away from Athens or any other Greek city, or you are a visitor in Athens or anywhere in Peloponnese and you want to have a glimpse of how a typical Greek island is, I strongly suggest to take that short trip. You can always visit Poros even in winter, actually all year round! Once it is not the island that will leave you astonished by the sea and beaches, I would strongly suggest to combine it with another destination nearby where the sea-water-sun element will be king!


I would definitely recommend the Poros Image Hotel! The view from the terrace will never leave your mind!

Enjoy some more photos


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