Only by reading the title of this post you must be wondering: “What’s wrong with this woman!?”
September is when “unfortunate” things occur, like the following:
  • Vacations are over …for good!
  • For the next 9 months or so, we parents, will be trying to make our children study and “grow up”. Teenagers can sometimes be very hard to deal with. That’s not something new, I know! But September seems to underline this!
  • Summer is still here, especially in the mediterranean countries, like Greece where I live! The weather is still great but at the same time “next summer” is almost 10 months away! Psycho???
  • Expenses are huge every beginning of the school year! Taxes payments are also choking every middle family!
  • We spend more time in the house and so…soccer is always on TV. I don’t know about you but I have three of them (males) in my home and I have stopped watching TV. Real nightmare!

So why on earth is September optimistic?


Since I begun studying at University (in the prehistoric era of the 1990’s), September became the month of new beginnings.
New dreams and desires get shape in my mind and they transform into goals. I can then create a plan to action to make them come true and this is a very optimistic and creative moment for me!
So I have combined this kind of transitional felling that is so everywhere during fall (spring also) with happy thoughts and goals!

Creation – Fantasy – Goals – Future – Satisfaction – Joy


Not only those positive sentiments are connected to September…but some more!!!
September is the month of:
  • Cozy blankets all around the sofa. They come to stay until next spring when the weather gets warm again. This gives me a hygge feeling I can never get bored of!
Urban outfitters – Fleece blanket


What’s Hygge? Simply put, it’s the Danish word of describing the daily simple pleasure of life.
It is not a decoration or clothing kind of “system” that requires from us things to be done!
It’s the choice of spending time enjoying simple and uplifting moments of our everyday life!
Cozy blankets do the trick for me!
  • Carpets come in! I find that carpets are a Great discovery!!! It;s a kind of luxury when I step barefoot on a high quality carpet! Moreover it’s the best matt for any home workout like this and this one  I lately do over and over again!
  • Pumpkins are back – pumpkin pie also! Beside the fact that it’s a healthy, tasty vegetable and a great DIY canva it is also very very pretty! I can’t stop starring them lying at the open markets glowingly orange and fat!
Pixabay Photo
  • Winter clothing coming out again at last! It is a great opportunity of getting rid of old stuff and buy some new ones. Only a few that do the job!
Less is more anyway..this is a fact, but let’s be honest. Buying some clothes can really uplift one’s spirit!

Stop this madness of misunderstood minimalism! Set strict boundaries when minimal lifestyle becomes compulsive!

So, new wardrobe… Yeah!!!
Honestly, I enjoyed so much the day that I got rid of old clothes, make up stuff and accessories. For unknown reasons (mostly guilt) I kept them unused for many years!
Last year we gave all the unnecessary clothes to a drug detoxification unit in the center of Athens. We saw so many happy faces!!! It was great!
While I am writing this post I am beginning to feel that September may not only translate to optimism. It also generates a type of subconscious worry!
Many things are in line, waiting to come true. A lot need fixing and personal effort, changes must be made etc Not all of those things are positive and easy!
So, somewhere lies this unspeakable concern and questioning! Will I be able to accomplish “all that await me”?
At this point of my life I know what I should do. Years of life experience show me that when dark thoughts pop up I must immediately stop them in a mild and kind way. This make my “heart and soul” relax!
What I do? Something very easy!

I remind myself: “Everything will be all right! I will make it!”

Ok! I may need to remind this to myself more than once. Sometimes, I need to remind this to myself dozens of times. Until those subconscious worries disappear. But it’s worth the fuss!
So, September in its unique way, is like the “400meters with hurdles“, such a difficult race!
For super-athletes! But aren’t we all?
The athlete is well trained and experienced. He /she concentrates, knowing that the time is now!
Gets position at the start line, looks up at the corridor with this subtle unspeakable fear. Doing what one came to do is the only choice.
Just do it” the best way you can and move on!

In this “arena” anything can happen! That’s the great part of it all!

So those are my thoughts on September and I will leave you with a great September song, full of tenderness and love!
“September When It Comes”

This remix is from a great father & daughter “music couple”!
I love the Father, Johnny Cash. I also loved the daughter, Rosanne Cash. I love her voice but most of all I love her strong political profile. Especially when it come to “Guns and Country music” thing!
By the way, my love for Johnny Cash got stronger and deeper when I found out about his love letter! He wrote it to his wife June Carter for her 65th birthday. This letter is voted as the greatest love letter ever! You don’t have to necessarily agree with the No 1 part, but the letter is simple, true and amazing!

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