Are you planning a trip to Rome with teenagers? Then this post is for you! Every time we visit a new place we have to do a little homework first. What to see, where to stay, where and what to eat, how we will move around?  In this post I will share with you a most valuable tip that will make you move around the eternal city as if you were a local!

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One and a half years ago I visited Rome for the second time. This last trip was a family get away for four. We stumbled upon many obstacles but we finally made it.

The destination was highly requested from our boys! It was quite convenient for us also since we already had an idea of what to expect.

Even the sound of the word “Rome” came as a gift for me.

I’m in love with that city! I ‘d visit 2-3 times a year, if only I could!

When I’m in Rome, I feel I’m home! I don’t know why and I don’t care! That’s just the way I feel!

You could be wondering why feeling like home while on a new place is a good thing?

It’s not necessarily a good thing! Actually,the best part of a trip is that you “change” atmosphere and everyday life conditions.

Ok! That’s true, but I just don’t feel like this in Rome!

We tried to keep our trip low budget, as much as possible of course, since we were 4 people traveling. And believe me, this is not a small task in the middle of the economic crisis with only one wallet ‘active’ in the family.

This trip was a bit ‘against all odds’. We knew time was passing us by and if not now then when would we “create” traveling memories with our kids? Those are very strong memories that live forever!

Although on a budget, we paid 55 euros for a taxi from the airport to  (from booking. com)  Fontana di Trevi, were our apartment was situated. It was expensive, I know, but totally worth it since we were 4 people.

When kids are involved taxi choice from airport is always meaningful.

We did not regret it, not even once.

The driver was appointed by the property company that rented the apartment to us. He picked us from the airport and left us in front of our building! The man was extremely extrovert and communicative and shared with us lots of useful information.

Some things we already knew from our past travel to Rome, some other info was totally new.

He introduced a new dimension of Rome.The ‘Star of Rome’

If you have already traveled in any new place, you know that the most important thing is to find orientation. Understand where is what! The easier we get oriented the faster we get to know and enjoy the place.

There are many cities in which you can achieve this easier than in others.

Rome is one of these easy to adjust to cities. As soon as we implemented the driver’s idea, everything became easy and clear! The center of the city is the status of Vittorio Emanuele , the first king of United Italy. In other words the center is Piazza Venezia, where the statue is.

Let me explain myself.

All the roads that lead to the most interesting monuments and beautiful areas of the city begin from this exact position. They spread around the Piazza like star rays .

So, we draw a cross with the statue in center. We decided the time we had to spend in each of the quarters depending on the number of the sights we wanted to visit and we were ready to go!

To be clear in a simple way:

This “star advice”, although it may sound a bit simple it is extremely useful. In Rome there is a lot to see and a smart sharing of your time is absolutely necessary. Moving quickly without getting lost is lifesaving.

Rome is an “endless” city although you can walk easily and have a good first taste of it within 3-4 days.

The number of days mentioned  is not chosen by chance. Each Greek have usually 3-4 days to dedicate to the eternal city. If any of you are wondering whether 3-4 days are enough to meet the city, the answer is Yes! It is!

You can get a very good idea of Roman life in 3-4 days!

As I mentioned at the beginning of my post, we visited Rome with two teenage boys (12,5 and 14).

If you are interested in finding out if Rome is a good choice for teenagers, the answer again is Yes! It is. Here are some reasons why kids will love it!

  • It is very easy to walk in Rome, no great difficulties. We stayed at the Fontana di Trevi (I highly recommend this area). The longest walk we had was around 40 minutes’ walk from the Fontana until Trastevere, passing through the “Jewish Ghetto”. Another long walk was from Fontana di Trevi to the Colosseum, almost 25 minutes long.
  • The city is very vivid historically and architecturally. Those two things impressed our boys very much. There were young people everywhere, especially in the neighborhood we stayed. Everything seemed so cool to them!
  • There is pizza, ice cream and pasta practically everywhere!
  • The Italian language is very “happy” and the roman mentality so close to the Greek, so they found it very easy to adjust and connect. “Una faccia una razza”
  • There was Wi-Fi in the room!!!!!
  • We made the “difficult visits” as easier as painless as possible. That was the Vatican and the Roman Forum (I leave the Colosseum out of this category because they couldn’t wait to see it). If you want to achieve that with your kids , make them watch “The Gladiator” before you hit the road to Rome.
  • The hours spent at Villa Borghese were amazing! Specially the rides with the electric-pedal cars and the “Segway” just made the boys sooo excited and happy!

Our return to Athens was quite adventurous!

Our scheduled flight was in the morning of an October day in 2016 (can’t remember the date), the day of a very destructive earthquake in Italy, close to Rome. I cannot really describe what happened in the Fiumicino airport. For some seconds (very long ones) we felt like we were in the Titanic. Everything was moving from the east to the west: tables, chairs with people on them, luggage … Everything!

We only had a short delay, nothing frustrating really. Coming from an earthquake prone country, we felt less anxious than others. We got hold of ourselves very quickly.

The earthquake wasn’t enough to ruin the sweetest taste Rome left in our souls!

So, we said goodbye to the “star of Rome” with the secret hope to see it the soonest possible. Unfortunately, now  it’s March 2018 and I still haven’t been there yet. Already miss it!

So, wish me the soonest!

If I was to give you only piece of advice, especially to all of you who haven’t been to Rome yet this would be it

“buy the damn ticket and leave now! What are you waiting for????!!!!”

Rome is a great and popular destination. Please do not hesitate! Share with us any orientation and other navigation tips you found helpful  in getting around in Rome! Leave your comments below or contact us here.

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Have fun!



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